Featured Work
Leanne's creative work & design has been featured on mywedding.com, in Alaska Bride & Groom Magazine, by Successful Farming  (both the printed magazine & on Instagram), and published in "A Voice in the Wilderness" by Herman Shuman.

Leanne's photography was highlighted on Valley Awesome's blog for Arts + Entertainment, South County Line Outfitters, and has been chosen and featured by: Backroad_Visions, RSA_Rural_, HDR_Country, ShotssoFresh, Country_Features, TV_CharmingFences, TRB_SunsetsFX, Everythingeyecatching, TRB_Rural (including TRB_Rural's Best nine on Instagram), VisitCentralValley, global_Windmills, Lighthouses_Windmills_Gs, FiftyShades_of_Twilight, ScenesofUSA, Renegade_Rural, USpixels, TRB_Rurex, TRB_Autozone, _sunsets.daily_sunsetpolis, ig_wildplace, Sky_Sultans, American_Agriculture_, and CompleteCalifornia

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Leanne is  an extremely talented artist and professional. I would highly recommend her work for any business or person that needs help with publications, marketing materials, wedding invitations, designs, logos, or anything that requires an amazing graphic designer. Leanne is warm, friendly, and delightful to work with!  
- Frank Robinson, Northern Kentucky University
If you’re on Instagram, you know there are a lot of different ways people utilize its platform: to show off their kids, cars, and muscles during or after a workout. Still, there are some who are more traditional, those who use it for the true art of photography. One such person we stumbled upon is Leanne, who uses it to capture the Central Valley’s beautiful sunset landscape.
- Eric Burgess, Valley Awesome